All of the adjustable ladders from Little Giant include some amazing safety features! This post will feature some of the features on a versatile adjustable ladder from Little Giant ladders.

Locking Hinge

Your ladder has either a dual-lock hinge or a quad-lock hinge. Both hinges are super strong and will keep your ladder locking into place while you use it.

Flared Legs

The flared legs on your ladder offer a feeling of comfort and stability and increase side tip stability.


Your ladder is four ladders in one, but it weighs a lot less than four ladders! The actual weight varies depending on the ladder, but ladder technology has allowed ladders to become lighter weight than older models.

Tip & Glide Wheels

The wheels on your ladder make transporting the ladder easy. You simply tip the ladder to engage the wheels and then bring the ladder along.

Locks: Rapid Locks, Locks Tabs, Rock Locks

The style of your ladder determines the type of locks on your ladder. While they work slightly differently, the locks allow you to safely and easily adjust the height.

Ratchet Leveler Adjusters

Ratchet Leveler Adjusters are available on the Xtreme, Revolution and Leveler and allow you to use your ladder safely on uneven ground.