The reason we share information about ladder safety is to help you get home to your family each night. We take safety personally, and we think you should too.  fact of the matter is that we are talking about helping real people return to their real families. Even the news articles we talk about on this site are about real people.

We found this blog post talking about a safety officer who took an on-the-job accident personally. Mike Honeyman of Arctic Arrow Powerline Group in British Columbia, the safety officer, tells how he developed the occupational health and safety program for his company. He talks about how he wrote the company’s safety manual to help his men be safe. Mike tells the story of a workplace accident that taught him the importance of focusing on people rather than just throwing rules at employees. One of his employees got electrocuted and lost his arm and his leg,and he realized he needed to focus on people rather than numbers.

Our favorite part of the video is when Mike says, “It doesn’t matter what you have written down in a book if that doesn’t translate into something real with the people that you are responsible for as a business owner, it means nothing. It’s about connecting with people and really showing them that when you are talking about safety, you mean it. And what you mean is that you actually want them to be safe.

You can watch the entire video below.