Being the safety manager is a tough job. You get to be the rule enforcer, which doesn’t exactly earn you any popularity contests. Popularity aside, you save lives when you do your job correctly. You help workers return home safely to their families. That is a large task and one of utmost importance. Here are a couple of tips to help you be the best safety manager.


As difficult as it can be to remember, respect is earned. As the safety officer, you need the respect of your team. Earn their trust by providing true facts and by following safety protocol yourself. If you are asked a question you do not have the answer to, admit it and find the answer. In addition, if there is a safety violation, correct the violation and teach the violators how to be safer.

Reward Safety

While your job consists mainly of correcting workers to help them be safe, find ways to focus on the positive and reward safety. Find ways to reward your team when they do things the right way. If your team is struggling with a certain safety focus, find a way to track that aspect and reward them when progress is made.


As a leader, implement a solid safety plan. Develop a safety plan and then use it when developing training.

Your job is so important, and hopefully these tips will help you help your team return home at night.