The transition point from a ladder to the roof is one of the most common places for a ladder accident. Falls from this point are also some of the most dangerous.

What causes accidents at the transition point?

The cause of the accident depends what the job at hand. However, they are often caused by the operator not paying as much attention as he or she should.

Addressing the issue of the transition point can be challenging, but there are ways to prevent accidents at this point. First,  extend the ladder three feet above the roofline giving the ladder stability so it won’t slide.

Another way to prevent these accidents is to get a WalkThrough for your ladder. You put the WalkThrough on top of your ladder and and it helps make the transition point between your ladder and the roof simple and safe. When used the with Claw, the Claw clamps onto the roof or roof mount and the operator walks safely to the roof. This ladder accessory helps prevent these types of accidents.