Do you find yourself doing the same training and telling your team the same safety information day after day? We call that a safety rut, and here are some tips to help you snap out of it.

First, look to the Internet for some more ideas. Find what other people are doing and use their ideas as a base for you to build on. You can switch things up to fit your your team and industry.

You can also look to larger companies and see what information you can find about a specific company’s safety efforts. There may be information about employee training and company best practices.

If you would like even more ideas, you can turn to colleagues, other safety officers you know. If you don’t personally know any, you can look on LinkedIn and join safety groups designed for idea-swapping.

You can also talk with your team. They see and hear things you don’t and may be some training ideas you haven’t thought of. Since they know your team, they may also have some ideas for improving team participation and engagement.

Do you have ideas that I’ve missed? Feel free to comment below!