About “My Safety Story”

my safety storyA coworker of mine recently found a YouTube film series called “My Safety Story.” The videos are produced by the Nebraska Public Power District. Each video in the film series starts with the person telling the story. The person talks about what led to him getting injured and then goes on to discuss the recovery process and the struggles he faced.

Most everyone knows someone who has been injured in a ladder-related accident. The story is usually sad and a little tough to hear. The films tell the real stories of real people and can be a great training resource.

“My Safety Story: ladder edition

We found two stories that talked about ladder accidents. Watch them here, and feel free to go to watch the other safety stories on their YouTube Channel.

If you follow us on Google+, the first video might seem familiar since we shared it there earlier this week. It still has a great message.

“What I thought would be a 5-minute job ended up being a six month painful ordeal for my wife and I.” So many times, the safe way can seem like it will take longer, but it will actually take less time and definitely less money in the long-run. This video talks about a small mistake he made while preparing for a family party. The small mistake resulted in a costly recovery process.

This video talks about a simple mistake a man named Pat Miller. The simple error resulted in surgery and months of recovery, not to mention the extensive costs.