Keeping an audience engaged during a safety challenge can be a challenge.Here are a couple tips from Dave Francis, our national safety director for leading a successful safety training.

  1. Encourage Interaction.

Keep attendees interested by asking questions and encouraging them to answer. Start this process early in the presentation so they are used to answering questions throughout the presentation. You can also encourage structured interaction between attendees to break up the presentation.

  1. Find Videos to Use

You can use a a fail compilation or video interview as a supplement to the presentation.

  1. Use Photos

Photos help illustrate the lesson and point you want to get across. Photos also help keep listeners interested in the presentation, rather than zoning out when there are too many words.

  1. Use Social Media

In addition to in-person discussion and participation, you can ask for those you are teaching to add to your presentation. Create a hashtag for your presentation and periodically share the good Tweets attendees are sharing.