Unlevel Ground

The Danger

Ladders and Uneven Ground Don't Mix

Few, if any, job sites are perfectly level. To save time, operators often improvise  leveling methods like bricks, boards, or rocks that are unstable and unsafe.  On an ordinary 28-foot ladder, 1-inch out of level at the base puts you 19 inches off center at the top, putting the operator completely outside the footprint of the ladder. Even if he doesn’t over-reach, it takes very little force to destabilize the ladder when you’re that far off center. This kind of situation often leads to the most catastrophic falls.

The Solution

Leveling outriggers on each side provide the Little Giant SumoStance extension ladder with a full 8” of vertical adjustment in 3/8 inch increments for use on sloping or uneven ground. Built-in bubble levels help operators keep the rungs level and the ladder at the proper lean angle. Patented SumoStance outriggers double the ladder’s base width, increasing side-tip stability by over 600%.