Wrong Size Stepladder

The Danger

Using the Wrong Size Stepladder

Using the wrong size of ladder is one of the leading causes of ladder accidents. Operators will often reach a little too far or step a little too high rather than climb down and look for an appropriate ladder. Most operators will break OSHA and ANSI rules by standing on the top rung or top cap of a stepladder, which often puts them in an unstable, unsafe position.

The Solution

The Select Step™ fiberglass offers multiple solutions in one, easy-to-adapt model, thereby eliminating the need for several types and sizes of ladders on the jobsite. Little Giant® removed the top rung, which was really only a sticker holder, and, thus prevented operators from accessing the top cap at all. Operators can quickly adjust the Select Step fiberglass to the proper height. The Select Step fiberglass is several stepladders in one, providing users with right size of ladder for every job in one lightweight, type IAA – 375 lb rated stepladder. The Select Step fiberglass also provides a comfortable standing platform that offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top recommended step.