The Scaffolding Accident

Here’s a scaffolding accident story from last week . There aren’t many details in this one, but what we do know is a 30-year-old worker fell somewhere between four and six feet from scaffolding. He was working on the second floor of an under-construction building. The building had no stairs yet and the man was unable to climb down the ladder due to his condition, so his fellow workers had to use a tower ladder to get him down to the ground.

scaffolding accidentWhat We Can Learn

While we don’t know the worker’s current condition, we can be sure nobody wants to be in critical condition, especially not from a scaffolding accident. It is important when setting up scaffolding to make sure you set it up properly. Make sure the ladders are set up on level ground and secured properly. When you add the scaffolding, make sure it is secured so it won’t slip or slide.

When using scaffolding, make sure you follow the weight guidelines. Remember to calculate your weight with the weight of your tools when determining the total weight. Make sure to pay close attention when on the scaffolding. If you see a slipping hazard, wipe it up immediately. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions. Using scaffolding safely is just as important as using a ladder safely.

OSHA Scaffolding Guidelines

While the tips from above are important, it is also important to keep in mind OSHA’s safety guidelines.  Here are OSHA’s rules for scaffolding. Make sure to look them over so you can be aware of all the necessary precautions you and your team need to take.

Taking all necessary safety precautions is critical to saving lives and preventing injuries. Almost all injuries can be prevented, as long as equipment is used safely. Be safe and help your team be safe so you can all return home!