Sumo Construction Roof_1In November, there was a news article about a man who fell from an extension ladder. The man climbed up an extension ladder, but the ladder slipped down the wall. The man got injuries to his back, head, neck, ribs and hand.

So, what’s caused the ladder to fall?

The owner of the ladder did not make sure the ladder was anchored properly before telling the man it was ok to climb. Also, he didn’t properly train the man before allowing him to climb. In addition, the homeowners did not warn the man that the place the ladder was being set up was slick. The man was able to seek damages from both the owner of the ladder and the homeowner.

What Can We learn?

As we’ve said before, you can never be too careful when it comes to ladder safety. From this story, we can be reminded of the importance of securing your ladder before climbing it. It is also incredibly important to check where you are putting your ladder before you set up the ladder. If the area is wet or slippery at all, don’t set up the ladder until the area is dry or the slicker area is cleaned up.