se asse conferenceI recently spoke to a group of safety professionals in Florida. I had to fly through Detroit to get here, and I’m very grateful the meeting was here and not there. Sorry to everyone in the Northeast and Midwest where it’s freezing. Here in Florida, it’s 80 degrees.

As you may have seen on Twitter (Follow @laddersafetyguy), I had the opportunity to speak to members of the Southeast ASSE chapter. It was a great experience. The picture is from that event. The rest of the week, I am meeting with Little Giant’s rep firm here in Florida.

Wherever your safety group is meeting, consider having someone (ME!) come to speak about ladder safety. Whether you are a member of AGC, ABC, MCAA, IBEW, NECA, ASSE or another organization, I can come speak to you. If you are safety professional , you are probably a member of one or more of these organizations.

Ladder Safety is an important topic, and if you are in charge of finding speakers please contact me. I’m free but I’m worth more than that, so I’m a bargain.