stopconstructionfalls.comEvery now and again, I run across a great resource for training and education. Most of the time, I want to share this great resource with others who might find it helpful.  I stumbled on the website a few months ago, but was reminded of it again recently.


The website has some great tips for those who work in the construction industry as well as anyone who deals with protecting against falls. The website has a great section explaining the goals of its fall prevention campaign which are:

-PLAN ahead to get the job done safely

-PROVIDE the right equipment

-TRAIN everyone to use the equipment safely

The website also has information about upcoming events. For example, back in June, OSHA sponsored a “Stand Down” event to bring awareness to fall prevention. In the events section, the website included information about the stand-down.

Stop Construction Falls also has a section for training and other resources. In this section, there are training resources for using ladders and scaffolds. There is also training for climbing roofs. In the ladder section, there is information for OSHA and a fall prevention fact sheet. There is also a link to the NIOSH ladder safety app, the app that helps you get your ladder’s angle correct. There are also tips for people teaching about ladder safety, toolbox talks and videos. These are just a few of the great resources listed on the site.

Another cool element is the fatality maps. You can see how fatalities have increased or increased over the last three years. The maps can be great for safety professionals to remind us why we do what we do. It is also a great reminder for why we need to continue training and working people on ladder safety and fall prevention. Make sure you take a few minutes to check out!