stopconstructionfalls.comAbout a year ago, I wrote a little feature for a site called, but, with so many new subscribers, I thought it would be good to do another feature post. is a website designed to help those who work in construction prevent falls and the injuries that come from falling. This site is incredibly useful for anyone who works in the construction industry, but also has great resources for workers in any industry with falling hazards.

About the Site is a website developed by NIOSH and the Center for Construction Research and Training. Included in the website are loads of pages with information and links to valuable resources. The goal of the site is to distribute information on preventing falls in the workplace. The website also has success stories from organizations that have successfully had a “Stand-Down.” This section also has some ideas you can incorporate with your team to promote fall prevention. There is also a page dedicated to creating a map with all the construction fatalities across the United States. The map adds a visual component to the numbers that are often thrown around.

Valuable Resources

Another cool element to this site is the Campaign Partners page. On this page, you find various organizations and businesses that have partnered with to distribute fall prevention and protection information. The site also has videos, campaign materials, handouts, and materials for those who work on ladders.

Overall, I think is a great resource for any safety officer. Do you have a site with resources you find valuable?