With the weather warming up, the ladders are getting dusted off, and home projects are getting started. With more ladder use comes more injury risk. Here are a couple tips to help you be safe on your ladder this summer.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

During the summer months, dehydration can hit and lead to some major health issues. Some of the signs of dehydration include dizziness and becoming lightheaded. To avoid you avoid dehydration, keep your water close by and take plenty of water breaks.

Be Cautious of Hot Metal

Working in the warm summer weather can cause your ladder to get warm quickly, especially if you are using an aluminum ladder. A hot ladder can increase the chance of burns and other injuries. To avoid injuries from an overheated ladder, pay attention to how long the ladder has been outside and monitor the temperature.

Follow the other Safety Guidelines

Most of our posts focus on ladder safety tips, so of course we will touch on basic ladder safety. Just like in any season, follow regular safety guidelines. Maintain three points of contact, inspect the ladder, don’t climb on the top rung. These are all basic guidelines to follow regardless of the season.


Take the time you need to complete your summer jobs safely. Climb safe!