I’ve been meaning to write this message for a few days, but I just wanted to say it was great meeting so many of you at the VPPPA Conference last week. We had a great time showing and explaining what we are doing to prevent ladder falls and to promote safety.

VPPPA Summary

vpppaFor those of you who weren’t at the VPPPA Conference, here were some of the highlights:

-OSHA Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels encouraged attendees to educate others on the value of investing in health and safety.

-Tim Page-Bottorff, senior safety consultant for SafeStart, gave an incredibly popular training session on creating an engaging and entertaining safety training.

-Ann Klee, vice president for environment, health and safety at GE, spoke about making processes safer, rather than just focusing on changing people’s actions.

-A “Best Practices” session, organized by VPPPA Board member, J.A. Rodriguez, discussed how to overcome safety hazards in a variety of industries.


Thanks to You!

We loved hearing the great things you were seeing and learning while at the conference. As always, my favorite part was hearing the ladder stories you told me.

Some of the stories had sad endings. Some of them were just close calls. Either way, your stories are a great reminder to use the right equipment for the right job and to always follow proper ladder safety guidelines.

What was your favorite part of the conference? If you missed the conference, make sure you stop by to visit us at the NSC seminar in San Diego!