protectingPart of ladder safety is protecting your ladder and taking good care of it. Here are a few tips to help you better care for your ladder.

Protect it from the Elements

When your ladder isn’t being used, keep it inside, away from the sun, rain and snow. Keeping your ladder away from extremes in temperature can make it last longer. Fiberglass, for example, wears much more quickly when left in the sun than it does when in a garage or other building.

Keep it Clean

For safety reasons, you always want to wipe off anything that is slippery or sticky when it gets on the ladder. In addition to the obvious safety benefit, protecting your ladder from any substances will help it last longer.

Choose the Right Material

If you want your ladder to last a long time, the best material is aluminum. Obviously, aluminum does not work for every industry, but, as we mentioned earlier, there are great ways to make the fiberglass last longer. If you will be working outside a lot, while not working with electricity, aluminum may be your best option.

Hopefully these few tips will help your ladders last a little longer.