We’ve found a few ladder safety tips for using an extension ladder.

  1. Inspect the Ladder

Always inspect the ladder before you climb. Make sure the ropes and pulleys are functioning correctly. Check the ladder’s fly to make sure it’s working as it should. Inspect all welding and riveting to and make sure it is secure. Once every piece of the ladder has been looked at and passed off as safe, you can feel safe to climb the ladder.

Follow the Belt Buckle Rule

When on the ladder, stay between the rungs. Leaning outside the ladder’s footprint can cause the ladder to either move, knocking the operator to the ground, or to tip entirely. Even if the leaning causes the bottom of the ladder to move just one inch, that little bit results in the top of the ladder moving a foot.

Use the Ladder on Level Ground

Only use your ladder only on level ground. If the ground is uneven, either use leg levelers or find a way to make the ground level.

Use Outriggers

If possible, use an extension ladder with outriggers. The outriggers will increase the side tip stability to help you work more safely.

What other tips do you find helpful for using an extension ladder?