Staying stable on an extension ladder can be tough sometimes. There are two main causes for stability issues. The first main cause is having the extension ladder slip. The second main cause is having the operator lean.

Slipping Extension Ladders

There are plenty of awful stories of things that can happen when a ladder becomes unstable. Here’s a video example of what can happen when a ladder loses its stability. The man’s ladder became unstable due to a few safety steps not being followed. These lack of proper safety procedures resulted in the man getting injured and needing six months of recovery.



Leaning Extension Ladders

When using an extension ladder, it is important not to lean to either side. Even just a slight lean could lead to a major degree shift at the bottom. The major reason workers lean on the ladder is because they don’t want to get down the ladder and move. Over-reaching is a common problem and can cause some of the worst falls. Once the operator moves from the center of gravity, the ladder can become unstable very easily. These falls can lead to ladder-related fatalities.

Staying Stable on a Ladder

The best tip for staying stable on the ladder is to take the time to remember to be safe. To prevent a ladder from slipping, the operator needs to take some time to make sure the ladder is on level ground and is at the right angle. One of the key ways to fight overreaching is to remember to get off the ladder when reaching would be required. Then, the operator must move the ladder to the next spot and continue doing so whenever reaching would be required.

Make sure you train your team about keeping their ladders stable. Also, make sure you have equipment on hand that can prevent these types of accidents, even when humans make a potentially fatal mistake. The SumoStance, for example, has outriggers that help the ladder remain stable even when there is movement at the top. Proper equipment and proper training are crucial in improving your team’s safety