photoSorry I didn’t get much posted on Twitter last week. The Grainger Show went great. We met a lot of people and had a great time. This week, I’ve been busy traveling again.

I started over in Philadelphia. I worked with the four largest roofers in the area, more than 200 people total, and did safety training for them.  Why train photo1roofers? Falls from roofs are responsible for one third of all workplace fatalities. Remember to climb safe! If you were there, it was a pleasure meeting with you. There were great questions and participation from the group! Thanks for inviting me to come visit with and train you guys. It was a pleasure.

Now, I am in Iowa doing some training. I had the opportunity to visit th 
e John Deere plan in Des Moines. It was quite the setup! Here’s a little photo I took while I was there.IMG_5757

Today, with the help of our rep firm PMG, I did some training for the Iowa Master builders. It was a pleasure meeting with them as well. Were you there? Let me know your favorite part of the training!