training for stepladder safetyWhen training your team on stepladder safety, remember to train them on proper stepladder use. Here are just a couple of reminders:

Training your Team on Proper Inspection

What should they be looking for? Workers should make sure to check all parts of the ladder. Remind them to make sure the ladder feet are in good shape, that the rails and rungs are not cracked or bent and that the spreader bars can lock in place.  If any parts of the ladder aren’t in proper working order, it should be tagged and removed from service.

Before Using the Stepladder

While training your team, remind to make sure the ladder is on level ground before climbing. They should also make sure they have right size stepladder. A common problem with stepladders is the ladder being too short for the job, so, like the worker in this post, employees end up climbing on the top rung or leaning to reach. If the ladder is too short, or another type of ladder would do the job better, remind your team to switch for something better. Also, remember to double check the weight rating of the ladder to make sure the worker and equipment will not be too heavy.

While on the Stepladder

Remind your team not to stand on the top cap or on the spreader bars. As with climbing any ladder, remind them to make sure to maintain three points of contact and to remember the other safety guidelines of climbing a ladder. Looking for a complete list of guidelines? Here is a guide from OSHA with all of the guidelines.

While these training ideas may be review for you, a short training on stepladder safety could be the difference between sending all your men home safely or not.