701f272289c9038f5a84c41cffa43650Just last week, there was another ladder accident, this one in England.

The Story

A self-employed builder was stepping off the ladder onto a house he was working on when the ladder slipped out from under him, causing him to land on his back.

How to Prevent this type of Fall

Follow the Three Rung Rule

When a ladder is being used at the roof line, make sure the ladder extends three feet above the roof line. This will give the ladder a little more stability and help prevent slipping.

Use proper Equipment

Make sure you always the best equipment. The transition point between the ladder and the roof is where some of the worst ladder accidents take place, as is displayed in this news story. The Little Giant LedgeLock roof mount and walkthrough can help prevent these types of injuries when used with the Claw fastening system. The Walkthrough allows easy access to the roof while allowing the worker to maintain three points of contact at all times. With products like this, there is no reason to continue unsafe practices.

Hopefully we can learn from this sad story and remember to follow the precautions.