I stumbled on this article about a man’s experience on a ladder. As I read, I kept thinking the article would end with the man getting injured since it seems like so many articles end that way. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the end and the man had not gotten injured. Instead, this article mainly focuses on the things he does right.

CAGE 5-9 GardenThis article is a great example of when you follow the safety guidelines, accidents can be prevented.

In the article, the author goes through the entire process of using a ladder to cut down some tree limbs damaged by a storm. Here’s what he did right:

  1. When he realized the ladder he had chosen would be too short for the job, he exchanged it for a taller ladder.
  2. Before climbing the ladder, he checked to make sure it was on level ground and that it would not tip.
  3. He also recruited his wife to be a spotter. While a spotter/assistant is not “required,” it never hurts to have another pair of eyes.
  4. He was in good health while working. He was not dizzy or otherwise impaired.
  5. He always maintained three points of contact. He actually references this part of being safe a few times. While climbing and descending, he paid close attention to this part of being safe.

Here’s what I would suggest doing differently:

I really have just one suggestion. Safety guidelines suggest not leaning the ladder against the tree you are trimming and not using an extension ladder to trim trees. While the man did almost everything correct, I would recommend using a different type of ladder when trimming trees and not leaning the ladder up against the tree.

Other than that, I think he did a great job, which all contributes to why his ladder trimming ended in success and not injury.