Every now and again, we cover a ladder accident news story. There seems to be no shortage of these types of stories. This particular story is quite sad and, like others, probably could have been prevented.

A man had to trim his tree, so he set up his ladder, leaned it against the tree and tied the ladder to the tree with a rope. The man climbed up the ladder and began trimming the tree with a chainsaw. The tree fell and ended up knocking the man off the ladder onto the concrete. The man passed away from his injuries two days later.

This tragic accident may have been prevented if the man had practiced ladder safety. When you’re trimming trees, here are a couple of things to remember:

Beware of leaning against the tree

Never lean against the tree you are trimming or cutting down. You will be more likely to have fallen branches knock you down.

Choose the Right Ladder

Often, people use extension ladders when pruning trees. They lean the ladder against the tree, but that’s when problems can happen. An A-frame is a much better option when trimming trees. You can set up the ladder independent from the tree. Just remember to lock the ladder in place. Make sure the ladder is locked into place before you start the pruning. If you have major trimming, always hire a professional.+

Follow the Belt Buckle Rule

While trimming trees, keep your body between the ladder rails so you don’t fall.

Please help us prevent accidents like his from happening by taking the right safety precautions.