trimming a tree while on a ladderI seem to run across quite a few stories and videos of people trimming trees while on ladders. Often, these stories and videos end with the person getting into some sort of terrible accident.

Most recently, I ran into an article where a 72 year old man was using a 22-foot ladder while trimming a large tree. According to the article, the Connecticut man fell from his ladder while using a chainsaw on a ladder.  The news article also says he went to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

Trimming Trees while on a Ladder

So, what can we learn? If you and your team do any sort of landscaping, it is important for them to be trained on trimming trees properly. The number one thing to remember is to not lean your ladder against the tree you are trimming. You want to make sure your ladder is independent from the tree, making it less likely for a branch to come back and snap you. You also want to prevent the limb you are leaned against from falling. Believe it or not, I have actually seen this happen, like in this video. Instead of using an extension ladder, it may be safer to use a tall A-frame or other stepladder to help you reach the branches that need trimming.

The second thing you want to remember is to put the ladder in a place where you don’t have to lean too far to the right or to the left. So many times people will lean a little too far, resulting in them falling to the ground.

Just remember, almost all accidents are preventable through proper training and proper use.