A worker in Canada fell from his ladder and ended up passing away from his injuries.

The Accident

The worker was helping on the construction site of a new building. While on the ladder, he passed out and fell off the ladder, hitting his head. He later died because of his injuries.

How to Prevent These Accidents

Pay Attention to Health Issues

The news story mentions that the man had a medical situation while he was on the ladder, but before he passed out. Never use your ladder when you aren’t feeling 100 percent. If you are working and don’t feel well, get off the ladder and let someone else take over until you are back to health. Train your team to do the same.

Find a Spotter

Another tip we have for preventing a ladder accident is to use a spotter. If the man from the article would have been working with someone, he may have had help more quickly and his injuries may have not been as severe.

Our hearts go out to this man’s friends and family.