I get a lot of questions about what to do with ladders that have to be removed from service. I’m always glad when I hear these questions because it means that people are at least inspecting their ladders and watching for damage. At far too many job sites, I see old, damaged, unsafe ladders all over the place. So, first things first, inspect your ladders!

When you do take them out of service, you really should destroy them immediately. Don’t just throw them in dumpster. Destroy them. Render them unusable, because someone will take them home when you’re not looking, and many of these ladders are accidents waiting to happen. And you never know, if one of your people gets hurt using that ladder, you may be held accountable. We’ve seen stranger things coming out of our courts, haven’t we?

So, unless you now someone like this guy (see image), destroy in field! It’s the best way to prevent injuries on substandard, out-of-service ladders.

Climb safe!