In Chicago, a worker was about to climb a ladder when he realized the ladder was in too bad of shape to use. He told his supervisor, who sent him home. When he returned to the job site, he used a ladder that appeared safe. Unfortunately, the ladder was not. The ladder’s spreader bar cracked and the man fell eight feet, onto the concrete floor. The man sued the company since they did not provide safe equipment.

At first, the man did the right thing when he inspected the ladder and chose not to climb it. The company, however, did not provide good ladders, even after the bad ladder was reported. In fact, they punished the man when he reported the bad ladder by sending him home. If you are the supervisor on the job, provide safe ladders and dispose of ladders that are in bad shape.

When it comes to inspections, we can’t emphasize their importance enough. Always take the time to inspect the ladder and do the necessary repairs if the ladder fails the inspection.

Hopefully, we can learn a little bit from this sad accident so we don’t have the same thing happen.