no stepThe No Step is a simple invention from a safety professional. It was not created by a specific company. Instead, a safety professional saw a problem and came up with a solution, but it seems like it’s not quite the best solution to the problem.

The No Step in Review

As you can see, the No Step is a simple, plastic product you zip tie to the top cap. In an ideal world, this plastic piece would be both a reminder and a deterrent from standing on the top rung. All ladders have the “Don’t Climb” sticker, but the idea is to actually have the No Step be another reminder to be safe at the top of the ladder.

Will the No Step Work?

The main issue with the product is just that it can be easily moved if the operator chooses to climb to the top of the ladder anyway. He or she could simply slide feet under the plastic piece, ultimately defeating the No Step’s purpose.

A Better Solution

I would like to commend the safety officer for trying to find a solution to this incredibly common problem. However, I think there are better solutions out there. For example, what about a ladder that takes off the top rung completely? The top rung is not structurally necessary, so taking it off could actually help the ladder be safer. Instead of just adding a small barrier, eliminating the risk prevents a much better (and safer!) option.