This message is intended for all owners of a Little Giant Velocity, LT, or Liberty multipurpose ladder. We recently discovered that some of these ladders locking pins/rung fasteners can fail, posing a fall hazard to consumers.  Your ladder may have been manufactured with two types of Rock Lock fasteners (pictured below). If your Rock Locks are Type A, you can disregard this notice, your ladder is safe to operate. If your Rock Locks are Type B, please keep reading.

TYPE A (Disregard this letter)









TYPE B (Keep Reading)









While using the ladder, the Rock Lock pins on the outer sections may disengage, causing the inner section to telescope upwards. Based upon this discovery we are immediately recalling all Velocity, LT, and Liberty multipurpose ladders sold between March 1, 2016 and February 17, 2017.

The products included in the recall can be identified by the following part numbers:

Velocity:          15413, 15417, 15422 and 15426

LT:                   14313, 14317, 14322

Liberty             14717

You can find these part numbers on the on the gray-and-orange or orange-and-black Notice/Aviso label located on one of the outer sections of the ladder. See the examples below:



















All Velocity, LT, or Liberty products with these part numbers and with the Type B Rock Lock fasteners are affected by this recall. Also, embossed into the metal immediately below the Rock Lock is one of the following codes:


10361P 10463P 10661P 10763P 10961P 11063P 11254P
10362P 10464P 10662P 10764P 10962P 11064P 11261P
10363P 10561P 10663P 10861P 10963P 11161P 11262P
10364P 10562P 10664P 10862P 10964P 11162P 11263P
10461P 10563P 10761P 10863P 11061P 11163P 11264P
10462P 10564P 10762P 10864P 11062P 11164P 11252P
10361S 10463S 10661S 10763S 10961S 11063S 11254S
10362S 10464S 10662S 10764S 10962S 11064S 11261S
10363S 10561S 10663S 10861S 10963S 11161S 11262S
10364S 10562S 10664S 10862S 10964S 11162S 11263S
10461S 10563S 10761S 10863S 11061S 11163S 11264S
10462S 10564S 10762S 10864S 11062S 11164S



Wing Enterprises, Inc. dba Little Giant Ladder Systems is making arrangements to provide a repair kit for your ladder. You should expect to receive four special high-impact plastic inserts along with instructions via FedEx within the next 1-2 weeks.  You will not need any tools to install these inserts. Upon receipt, carefully open the envelope and follow the enclosed instructions.

It is Little Giant’s mission to produce the safest, highest quality products, and with this repair kit, your Velocity, LT, or Liberty multipurpose ladder will be safe to use. Please call our toll-free hotline at 855-595-3378 today for assistance. Your safety is our number-one priority.