Dark Horse

The vast majority of ladder accidents are caused by two things: using the wrong ladder for the job and overreaching. We designed the Little Giant Dark Horse to help you avoid these common problems. The Dark Horse is the only fiberglass multi-use ladder on the market. Its wide-flared base provides much more lateral stability than straight-sided step or extension ladders, preventing many accidents caused by overreaching. And because it is constructed with super-lightweight, super-strong fiberglass composite, the Dark Horse is a versatile tool for any jobsite. You can use the Little Giant Dark Horse dozens of unique configurations, including A-frame, extension, and 90-degree ladders. It literally replaces several sizes of stepladders and extension ladders; and unlike any other ladder, allows you to work safely on stairs.

The Dark Horse is available with Little Giant’s exclusive Ratchet™ Levelers, which adjust hands-free in seconds. These integrated levelers are extremely quick and easy to operate. No tricky installs with brackets and butterfly bolts. Simply push the levelers with your toe until the ladder reaches a level, stable setup. The levelers add only 5 pounds to the ladder weight and offer nearly 6.5 inches of leveling adjustment.

The Dark Horse is also available with optional factory-installed walkthrough posts. The posts allow an operator to attach a walkthrough device to the top of the Dark Horse in the stepladder or A-frame configuration. Operators can use this unique configuration to traverse fences or climb over machinery or low-level pipes or conduits more safely than a traditional double-sided stepladder.

The Dark Horse Ladder is available in 13, 17 and 22-foot sizes.

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