The completely new Little Giant Xtreme® is the pinnacle of Little Giant’s 40 years of engineering the strongest, safest, most versatile ladders in the world. The Xtreme combines the strength, safety and versatility of the classic Little Giant Multi Purpose Ladder with several new groundbreaking features, including the Comfort Step™ platform, AirDeck® workstation, user-friendly Rock Lock™ rung fasteners, and the stronger, safer Quad-Lock™ hinges.

The integrated Comfort Step serves as a spacious, comfortable standing surface at any height or configuration. When coupled with the AirDeck’s safety handrail, the Comfort Step literally makes you feel like you are standing on solid ground.

The Xtreme is also available with Little Giant’s patent-pending Ratchet™ Levelers, which adjust hands-free in seconds. These integrated leg levelers allow the operator to adjust to uneven ground in mere seconds. And when the job is done, the levelers retract into storage position. The levelers add only 4 pounds to the ladder weight and offer nearly 8 ½ inches of leveling adjustment.

Each side of the Xtreme telescopes independently, giving you the option of several sizes of stepladders, from 4 to 9 feet depending on the model you select. You can also adjust one side to work on staircases or uneven surfaces or as a 90-degree stepladder. The Quad-Lock hinge allows you to use the ladder as a stable, wide-based, multi-height extension ladder. Finally, the inner and outer ladder assemblies separate to form two trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system. The Little Giant Xtreme is the finest multi-purpose ladder system in the world.

Available through LittleGiantXtreme.com.

The Xtreme Multi-Purpose Ladder is available in 17, 22, and 26-foot sizes.

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Extreme Adjustable Step Ladder